What to Wear For a Casual Hookup?

What to Wear

So you’re someone who met a person to engage in a casual relationship with. You two have decided on a place and a date but you don’t know what to wear for the occasion. After all, there really isn’t any standard or a rulebook for hook ups when it comes to clothing. Your entire plan is to tear them away anyways. Though it isn’t the number 1 thing to be concerned about, don’t dismiss its value. You might have a great body and amazing sexual prowess, but what you wear is sort of important too. It’s important not because of the way your partner might judge you, but because clothes also play a great role in forming a sexual chemistry. Many would agree on the fact that it’s far sexier to slowly or passionately undress their partners rather than just jumping to bed naked straight away.

There is something alluring about the way someone dresses up. It can open up many doors of possible sexual activities depending on what you are wearing.

– If you are into roleplaying, clothes are of paramount importance since they help to sell the character you’re playing;
– If you’re a girl, put on some high heels and don’t take them off when having sex;
– If you’re a man, wear something that accentuates your bulge or your bottom;
– To feel sexy, you need to dress sexy. It’s as simple as that.

Here are some tips on what to wear to a casual hook up.

1) Be comfortable

This might sound clichéd or easy but there’s more to it than just wearing something that you’re comfortable in. Most might assume it means that you should only wear what you usually do or can pull off, but doing so doesn’t help one bit in encouraging sexual chemistry. What if you are comfortable dressing like a slob? What if the clothing you’re comfortable with is a turn off for your partner? Before you actually meet the person, you should have some knowledge of their likes and dislikes. If your partner gets turned on by clothing that you usually don’t wear, you need to find a way to be comfortable in it. One way to do so is to know yourself as an individual and be confident in the person you are. When you know yourself, you can transform yourself into any avatar confidently and it won’t feel like a ruse. Remember that your choice of clothing should be something that your partner wants to see you wear. The whole purpose is to get them turned on.

2) Own your fantasies

Pay attention to what your partner likes and dislikes. You might have had great conversations regarding what fantasies you both have. But, when the time comes to meet each other, own up to your previous conversations and play the part. If you said that you would come in with nothing but a latex suit and a ball gag then do it. Your word should mean something. Doing so will not only make your partner respect you more, but it will also set their world on fire.

3) Don’t wear anything of sentimental nature

Don’t even think about wearing something sentimental and expecting your partner to value it. A hook up is not the place for fostering sympathy or emotional validation. You can get emotional later if both of you decide to take things more seriously, but don’t do it on the first night itself. Another very important reason why never to do this is to make sure it doesn’t get tainted by your experience. Sometimes a hook up may not go as you planned. You don’t want to later look at your sentimental accessory or piece of clothing and remember the event for the rest of your life. As human beings, we have a tendency to attach our experiences and emotions to objects we own. Don’t let it affect your entire life.

4) Dress with a purpose but use your head

If you are meeting up with a complete stranger whom you barely know, don’t wear high heeled shoes or anything that might hinder your movement. What if that individual is not a good person? What if he/she makes you want to leave right away? You never know what might happen. Always exercise caution when hooking up. This isn’t because statistically it’s dangerous or anything but it’s just wiser to be cautious. Once you know your partner well enough, wear whatever you want. Until then dress sexy but smart.

5) Do not for any reason wear your heart on your sleeve

In hook ups, sexual pleasure is the purpose. Not emotions, not feelings but pure unadulterated physical pleasure. Dress to impress all you want but don’t do it thinking it will help you be closer with one another. It’s human to fall in love or feel strongly about someone even if you only met them a few times. But always make sure you are prepared to get hurt once in a while. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or your partner. Maybe your partner just isn’t looking for a serious or long term sexual relationship. Maybe they just want a one night stand and never get in touch again. Be mature, insightful and respectful of their intentions.

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All in all, think of creative ways in which you can dress up to ignite the sexual fire. Use your imagination and have the best time of your life.

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