Top Secrets of Hookup Culture Nobody Will Tell You

Top Secrets of Hookup Culture

The hookup culture of casual sex and relationship in online dating sites is here to stay. More than 80% of adults are involved in such relationships, with social morals becoming more lax these days.

Today, the society has become more liberal and casual sex is no longer frowned upon. Men and women probably find a no strings attached relationship less demanding and stressful. You have your fun and then you leave, no hearts broken. With apps such as Bang, more people are interested in hooking up rather than ‘dating’ someone the traditional way.

That said, there are some secrets to the hookup culture you probably need to be aware of.

1. Texting or Messaging

People in hookups are more used to texting each other or messaging each other, rather than making voice calls. Are you wondering why? Well, for one, it is cost effective. Secondly, it is more convenient, as you don’t have to make small talk. The relationship in a hookup is a casual one and you don’t want to hear mushy or romantic stuff.

You don’t want to ask them how the day went or hear them laugh.

2. Honesty

There’s no two ways about this kind of relationship on an adult dating site. You’ve got to be honest about your intentions. Be clear and lucid about what you want from the relationship. You could even set up the ground rules and write them down on paper, so that both of you don’t get hurt emotionally.

3. Safe Sex

Since the hookup culture is mostly about sex, it would be wise to practice safe sex. You don’t want an unwanted and unexpected pregnancy on your hands and neither does your partner. Remember it’s a no strings attached relationship, so you surely cannot be stringing along an unwanted baby into it.

4. Don’t Get Hurt

Be ready to get dumped by your partner at any time, without notice. There’s no point in getting emotionally involved in hookups. People will surely leave you at some point or the other. Don’t mope around or stalk the person who left you. Don’t send drunken texts about how you miss her/him. Allow him or her to bail any time they want to. That’s one of the unspoken rules of the relationship, if you can even call it by that term.

5. Learning to Spot them

How do you spot the perfect man / woman for a hookup relationship in an online adult dating site? Of course, it is not essential that the man or woman you are seeking should be the conventional dating material. But do avoid someone who makes you feel used or cheap.

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All the members on sex dating sites are those interested in casual encounters or a one-night fling. But stay away from someone who shames you. Get talking with them and see if they respect all women, not only virgin ones but also the wild ones. Be alert to the words they use and if you feel he sounds disrespectful, now’s the time to back out.

These are the top secrets about the hookup culture no one will actually tell you. Hooking up can be fun, but being aware of the pitfalls will help you in finding the perfect and magical one-night stand that you’re looking for.

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