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Hook ups may mean the same for men and women; however both genders approach it from different angles. Their perspectives and inhibitions differ vastly. Do note that this article is written by a man and therefore will offer insight into the way a man thinks. If you’re a single woman looking to have a great time and meet an amazing individual while doing so, read on. Here are the top ten hookup tips for girls.

#1 Forget Everything You Have Been Told About Men

There are a lot of misconceptions going on both sides when it comes to hookups in general. Some might have told you to behave in a certain way to get a specific reaction. Forget all that nonsense. A lot of people end up having bad experiences not because of the nature of hookups. The problem lies in the first choice we make to go with a certain individual. Some think that you need to hook up with an attractive individual to have a good time. While physical attraction is important, it’s not the only thing. Once you open your mind to new experiences, you may find yourself completely surprised. Awesomeness comes in strange packages sometimes.

#2 Dress to Dazzle!

Men love a woman who dresses with a sense of style and individuality. Don’t be like everyone else and follow the same trends. Display your unique individuality and flaunt your confidence. Amongst a sea of people, you need to make sure that you stand out. One technique to help in this regard is peacocking where you highlight one specific part that would immediately pull everyone’s eyes towards it. For instance, a brightly colored scarf or a vivid dress could do the trick. Once someone enters your radar, you can decide to go forward or keep looking.

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#3 Locking Eye Contact

Eye contact is one of the first steps in letting a man know that you are interested. Here is where you have to be a bit cautious. If you see someone just staring at you weirdly, it’s better to not encourage him. Look away and try not to make eye contact with him again. On the flip side, if you see a guy you like, but he comes off as a bit shy, just smile at him and let him know that you are open to having a conversation. 90 percent of the time, if you smile at a man, he will make contact with you.

#4 The Art of Flirting

Once the man you are interested in comes to talk to you, feel free to flirt but don’t overdo it. If he is shy, nudge him to open up by asking questions indirectly. Never openly say outright you just want to hookup. Have a playful banter with a few jokes thrown in. It will help to break the ice and just be more comfortable with each other. Touch his arms a bit and let him know you are comfortable with making physical contact. Don’t make it too easy for the guy but don’t make it too hard either.

#5 Don’t Drink Too Much!

We all get nervous sometimes and it’s easy to just throw down a few glasses to get more comfortable. However, the last thing you need is to get drunk and lose control of your senses. You want your hookups to be memorable and enjoy every moment of it. It’s hard to do that when you have no awareness of your surroundings. Drink enough to loosen up but never too much. Always make sure you are in control.

#6 Explore your Fantasies

Hookups are the best time to explore sexual fantasies and cross them off your checklist. If you have any fantasy that you want to try out, let him know. However, if your fantasy is a bit unconventional or even bizarre, don’t just throw it at him. Gradually work up to the bizarre part as both of you get more comfortable. Both of you might have the same fantasies, but may have trouble communicating it. Sometimes you need a little back and forth before exploring certain fantasies.

#7 Get Your Kink on!

Do you like rough sex? Or getting tied up? If you have unique fantasies, make sure that he is someone who is in control. It is absolutely essential that you put out ground rules. No matter what fantasy you have, know that you have the same amount of power and control in deciding when to stop. Have safe words and build a bond with your partner before exploring such fantasies. Make sure you tell him that using a safe word means stop. Get as much as kinky as you want, but both of you need to be responsible as well. It’s wiser to explore such fantasies only after talking with each other and establishing a bond.

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#8 Always Practice Safe Sex

Never ever have unprotected sex while hooking up no matter how much your partner may convince you. It is extremely careless to do so especially when you hardly know the other person. Sex is always better without a condom but the potential consequences are severe. If your partner doesn’t want to budge on the issue, maybe it’s time to shut it down. This issue in particular has to be discussed before you get into bed. Preferably, ask him if he has a condom before you leave to meet him.

#9 Having Glorious Great Sex

The key to having amazing sex is to communicate all your desires beforehand. Don’t just jump into bed and then think what to do. But at the same time, don’t make it boring by talking too much. Throw him on the bed if you like taking control and tell him what you want him to do. Be assertive and demand it from him. On the other hand if you like being submissive, be playful and talk dirty to him. Men being men will jump at anything that will bring pleasure to both. In most cases, men are far more open about experimenting than women. Use it to your advantage.

#10 If You Like Him, Keep him

If you happen to really like the guy, let him know but do it carefully. Don’t throw the relationship word around so fast. Let him know you enjoyed his company and that it was fun. In most cases, he will ask you if you want to meet again. If you really like him, tell him that you’ll plan something. If you don’t see any future with him, then playfully keep him in suspense. Exchange numbers only if you want to see him again. If you don’t want to, be honest and let him know that you simply aren’t looking for anything serious. If you are honest and unafraid, he will understand and respect your decision.

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Have fun 😉

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