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When you think of Tinder, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That it’s an app for hooking up with various potential partners for casual sex?

Well, Tinder was designed to be a hookup app but somewhere along the way, things got a bit different. Actually, quite different, as Tinder became more of a dating app than an actual hookup app. More and more users relied on Tinder to provide them with partners who are more into romance and love rather than having casual sex and typical one night stands.

In a way, we could safely come to the conclusion that Tinder lost its main purpose, which was to give people who wanted the same thing what they really desired.

People started swiping right but, because most of them are looking for a romance or a real long-term relationship, those users who are into casual sex got themselves into a bit of a problem there. Apparently, it became odd to seek potential partners for casual sex, as more users became interested in the aforementioned activities, such as finding like-minded people for a relationship.

So, the users who were more into casual sex have nothing else left to do but find an alternative for Tinder that will give them what they really want.

When Tinder introduced its new feature called Places to its users, it became more than clear that they changed their direction towards a more personal approach. Instead of providing partners for hookups and casual sex, they are now providing partners for romance, relationships and, eventually, love.

Casual sex is now completely out of the picture. That brings us to a very logical conclusion that Tinder was not a hookup app in the first place. Now that is some food for thought.

Tinder Was Never a Hookup App

The most recent studies showed some results that clearly point out that people are not using Tinder for hookups at all, but rather to find someone whom they might like and chat with them for various reasons. Among these are the three most obvious ones: romance, relationship, and love.

Now, for those who were following Tinder from the start, this is clearly the opposite of its main purpose. In the beginning, Tinder was supposed to be a hookup app that provides opportunities for casual sex. But now, people seem to be doing everything else but hooking up.

The users are swiping for potential matches but once they find a match, they don’t seem to really hook up eventually, let alone have sex, which is the whole reason they are using Tinder in the first place. Things became rather confusing and an increasing number of users are now asking themselves the same question over and over again: was Tinder ever a hookup app?

Judging by numerous recent studies, apparently, it was not. More than 70% of Tinder users never had an actual date over Tinder.

So Why are These Users Using Tinder at All?

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Not to find dates, that’s for sure. The recent study on that matter showed some rather surprising results. Instead of addressing Tinder in search of a hookup or an actual date, most of the users are actually going on Tinder to get their confidence strengthened and boosted, while just a small number of them, only 4% are actually looking for a hookup or a date.

It comes down to going on Tinder to match with a bunch of really hot partners that you probably wouldn’t try to make a move on in real life because you lack the confidence, so that you can get attention and compliments.

Tinder Locations Make it Even Less So

When a complete stranger tells you nice things, you tend to feel good about it but that’s all to it really. In case you get bored with someone, you just move on to the next match and the fun starts all over again. It’s not even about dating, it’s rather for the sake of sheer conversation. The same thing you can do on Facebook.

This became more apparent with the implementation of Tinder’s newest feature called Places, where people can find other people who like visiting the same places as they do.

That is clear evidence that Tinder is not for having casual sex and one night stands, but rather a bridge between the people who like the same things, go to the same places, and are looking for something a bit more than just a one night stand.

Well, if you also noticed that things are not like they were on Tinder, you will be more than happy to know that there is a good alternative to Tinder, and you don’t need to leave your personal information or a link to your Facebook account to hook up.

This new app is called Lucky and it’s your sanctuary where you can easily find a perfect match for a one night stand and casual sex whenever you feel like it.

Lucky is a Specialized Hookup App

Lucky is a specialized hookup app for casual encounters. You can easily find potential matches near your location who are looking for the same thing as you: a potential partner for hookups and casual sex. It’s so simple that it’s almost funny.

All you have to do is provide a picture of yourself and your gender identity and you are good to start swiping. If you swipe left, that means you are not interested but if you swipe right, that means you are interested and you can start a sex chat.

The trick with Lucky is that you can find a match and hook up with them within hours. Lucky is all about the hot action, nothing else. You won’t find people here talking about where they like to go or what they like to do, no, you will find people who are into one thing and one thing only: casual sex.
If you are looking for a good alternative to Tinder that works without Facebook, Lucky should be your number one choice. There are so many good things about Lucky that make it so.

First of all, it’s completely anonymous. People who are into having sex for one night with complete strangers like to know that their identity and personal data are safe and protected and Lucky can ensure that they are. Second, once you log in and start swiping, only hours separate you from what your heart desires.

You’re not required to give away any personal information at all, aside from a simple selfie. Once you identify your gender, instant hookups are just around a corner and all you have to do is swipe right to them.

Local and discreet hookups for sex were never easier and Lucky is here to make sure that you do get lucky.

Lucky’s First Concern is Anonymity

According to those who are using Lucky to find potential partners for casual sex, one night stands, threesomes and just about anything sexual that you’ve only dreamed of, this hookup app is the best replacement for Tinder when it comes to adult dating. You can use it absolutely anonymously to find casual encounters near your location.

The point of Lucky is to keep you protected by any means while allowing you to connect with potential partners who want to do the same thing as you. Even though Lucky is relatively new, many users are already expressing their satisfaction with the app’s services.

Their priority number one is anonymity and therefore, they made it really simple to log in and find what you came for. To start swiping, you need to present a picture of yourself and your gender identity. Everything else is absolutely up to you.

If you want to receive any news and updates on what is going on, you can by leaving your email, but you get a guarantee that it won’t be shared anywhere further. Your data is protected at all times and you are free to find what you want and like or even experiment with things you’ve only previously dreamed of.

That’s actually the beauty of Lucky, no one will judge you here for what you are or because of your needs, sexual orientation or any other preferences. You have complete freedom to find people who think and want the same as you and have some real fun like never before in your entire life.

It’s no wonder that people are getting largely interested in Lucky. Who wouldn’t when they ask for so little and offer so much in return. Lucky is totally private so there will be no need to leave your Facebook login info or an email or anything like that.

You can even go low profile and hide your picture when you are not using the app, that’s how anonymous it is.

Arrange an Instant Hookup

casual encounters are having sex

Instant hookups are what Lucky is all about. When you find a match, you have three hours to reply. It’s a great opportunity for all those with a sense of adventure who are into meeting new and interesting people to have casual sex, a one night stand or anything else that they might desire.

All users must be 18+, of course, but this app is a perfect opportunity to get your kink back on and try something that you’ve never tried before. Dating and hookup apps exist because people want to feel alive by doing something out of the ordinary.

If you are tired of your current love life and you want a taste of real sexual adventure with a dash of pleasure attached to it, but with no obligations whatsoever, Lucky is exactly what you are looking for. It’s an app designed for hyper hookups near your location, where all the users are looking for a person to hook up with and have a date that will result in sex.

As simple as it can be. No small talk or chit-chat, no wasting your time for nothing, just good old plain action. Once you find a match, you get straight to the point.

No Risk, Awkwardness or Confusion

The main goal of Lucky is to provide plenty of good opportunities to people who are into having casual sex with strangers. These people don’t want to risk anything to do it, they just want to have a bit of a good time without any obligations attached.

Therefore, all those who use Lucky want the same and because of that, there is no risk, no awkwardness or confusion. You won’t get into a situation where you are looking for a girl or a guy to have sex with but get a person who wants to talk about horses or how they like to spend a romantic night under the moonlight.

No one on Lucky is looking for those kinds of things. Lucky is more for those who want to have wild sex with two girls at the same time or try some BDSM adventures than having a romantic dinner with candles, classical music and everything that goes with it. They are designed to provide instant hookups and that is exactly why your time of reply is limited to only three hours.

Once you find a match, there is no reason to waste your precious time. Set a hookup near you, go and have a good time. As simple as that. No strings attached, only pure action. It’s normal to assume that once you log in and swipe right to find your match, you would want to see your match as soon as possible.

Therefore, once you do find a match, arrange your hookup and that’s it. On top of everything, you can chat with your matches absolutely free of charge.

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