Online Dating is Now Officially Hookup Dating: Welcome to the new age Dating Culture

Hook Up New People

We are all very familiar with online dating, with plenty of online dating apps available on the Internet. The word ‘hooking up’, on the other hand, has a more sleazy undertone, implying free sex as part of the dating experience. Hookup dating crosses the line of friendly online dating and is closer to casual sex from day one.

What’s the Difference?

Regular online dating involves getting to know someone and aiming at an enduring or lasting relationship with the partner. On the other hand, hookups have only one purpose: getting into bed with each other ASAP.

Dating Platforms

You have no doubt seen several dating apps on the Internet. These apps allowed men and women to have a wider choice of partners for dating. Members of many of these dating apps would generally be looking for love and a committed relationship. The recent hookup culture, however, is slightly different. Adults are now looking for casual sex or hookups through these dating apps.

No Strings Attached Culture

There are more than 8 thousands dating sites and apps allowing people to search for casual sex. Though the conventional are alarmed by the rising hookup culture, there is the other side of the coin. According to statistics, around 12% of these hookups lead to a loving and stable relationship between the consenting adult partners. So the strategy of having sex without any strings attached does seem to work.

No Pretenses

In a hookup culture scenario, guys realize that many of the girls out there will be willing to jump into bed with them minutes after meeting them. There is no need for any pretense at friendship or getting to know each other, as is the case in conventional online dating. Casual sex rather than a meaningful relationship seems to be the objective in hookup dating.

No Emotional Connection

Dating apps are becoming more popular and the hookup culture is here to stay. Outdated dating rules have been put to bed forever. Both men and women seem to have become more comfortable with the casual mode in hookup dating. Both are focusing only on their physical needs and there is absolutely no need for an emotional connection. The latter takes time, so in this fast paced world, hookup dating seems to be the perfect answer, with one night stands ruling the roost.

DTF Nothing More

Hookup dating is all about DTF and nothing more. There is no need for any chivalry or manners any more. Just text the words ‘sex?’ to a girl and get on with it. Men and women in the hookup culture don’t have the time or the patience to get to know each other anymore

In online dating, you would probably talk about your pet turtle that you had at the age of 7, the story of your first birthday memories, blah, blah, blah. Yawn!! No one’s interested any more in personal details. If at all he wants to know any personal details, it is possibly your bra size.

Death Knell to Traditional Dating

Hooking up has now taken the place of conventional online dating. No more time for a real and meaningful relationship. You’re sleeping together without any pretense about loving each other and when the act is over, move on with a handshake or give each other a hi fi. It all seems rather honest. It marks the death of the traditional dating culture. Beware of throwing romance into the mix. That’s just not allowed in a hookup culture.

A hookup is just a casual fling and both of you know it won’t last forever. Just have fun while it lasts and enjoy. Ready to have casual sex with people around you? Check out the best hook up apps.

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