How to Prepare For a Hookup?

Prepare For a Hook Up

So you have someone to engage in glorious sex. The date has been set and the place has been decided. But you really haven’t had that many casual sex encounters or you want to push yourself and create an amazing experience for your partner. So you want to prepare properly for it. But how can you do that? What all do you need to do? If your mind is filled with questions such as these, here are some of the things you can do to better prepare yourself for that special hook up date.

1) Make your bedroom your palace

Yes, you don’t need the bedroom to have sex. You can do it in the living room or the kitchen or even the balcony. But in most cases, you will end up in the bedroom and so you need to make sure it is clean and looking good. Make it sexier by putting some scented candles in place. Take out all the trash and dirty clothes. If you had other sexual escapades in that bedroom, make sure you remove any remnant from that night. The last thing you want to do is to rub it in your partner’s face about how many people you have slept with. Casual sex doesn’t mean you get to hurt people’s feelings.

2) Makeover time

Now that your bedroom looks sexy and awesome, it’s time to turn to your body. Do you need to shave or get a haircut? On the night of your hookup, make sure you are well groomed and looking sexy. Use moisturizers for your skin if it’s too dry and tidy yourself up. Go the extra mile for your partner and they will appreciate it. Don’t be a slob in a beautiful bedroom. Be a king or a queen.

3) Smell good

This pertains to yourself and your home. Don’t let your partner walk into a stinky house with a stinky owner. It’s just common sense to make sure that you need everything to appeal to all senses and not just sight. After your bath, spray some of that sexy perfume or cologne. Don’t dump it all over yourself and become a walking talking perfume bottle. Two sprays are more than enough. Your armpits, wrist and the back of your neck are good places to put some spray on.

4) Prepare your arsenal

Get all your kinkiest clothing items or toys ready or on standby. You never know what might happen. If you want to engage in some sort of role play or a kinky sexual fantasy, you don’t want to spend hours looking for the necessary items. By the time you find them, your mood might be off. Get everything ready so that you can respond properly to spontaneous decisions that may pop up later.

5) Pick something sexy to wear

Wear something that you know will be a turn on for your partner. Don’t look trashy if he/she doesn’t like it. But don’t wear anything that’s too expensive either. Who knows? They might just get torn off.

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6) Breakfast is important

Don’t eat hours before hooking up. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Try to avoid carbs like pasta or rice and food items that have a strong smell like garlic or onions. This is important because it will play a very important role for you later when you need the energy and stamina to play in the night.

7) Make sure your pantry is stocked

Don’t be an inconsiderate a-hole and have an empty kitchen. Buy some drinks or munchies in case any of you get hungry in the night. Plus if you both get really creative, certain food items can be used for pleasure. Ever tried licking chocolate off your partner’s body? It can get pretty hot when you do that. Ice cubes are pretty hand too. Just saying!

8) Make sure you have condoms

Notice that the heading is plural and singular. You need to have condoms ready before the date. You really don’t want to run to the store in the middle of the night while your partner regrets coming over. Having safe sex is extremely important and the responsible thing to do as adults. Do not ignore it! Maybe even buy a few different types.

9) Pick the soundtrack for your fantasies

If you just want to have sex and not talk, you need some hot and sexy music playing in the background. Now the music you choose will guide the tempo of your night. If you want to have slow and intimate sex, choose music that will match its rhythm. If you want to have more aggressive sex where you will be tearing off clothes, pulling hair and spanking, you really won’t enjoy a mellow track playing. If you’re not sure how the night is going to be, keep a versatile selection ready and choose appropriately.

10) Have some glorious fun

Everything you planned so far and all the things you have thought about were so that you as an individual get to have fun with another person. Never lose sight of that. It’s easy to get caught up in all the details and forget what the actual purpose was. Don’t be that person. Be honest, open and respectful but also be dirty and naughty. Don’t put up imaginary walls because this is the time to experience new things and truly enjoy yourself, free from any expectations or judgment.

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