How to Hook Up With Someone You Don’t Know?

Hookup With Someone

Who doesn’t like a great hook up? For many, it remains a fantasy stuck somewhere in the caverns of their mind. Slowly over time, the fantasy drifts away as people get married and move on to the multitude responsibilities that life thrusts upon us. But it doesn’t have to be just a fantasy. Most people don’t take action because they are worried or have inhibitions about having casual sex with strangers. Can you hookup with someone you don’t know at all? Is it safe or wise to have a casual sexual encounter with a stranger? If questions like these plague your mind, read on.

Firstly, we need to acknowledge the fact that it is inhibition that prevents people from getting into casual sex relationships. It starts at the individual and unless he/she finds a way to be comfortable with the concept, the stigma will always remain. Like everything else, casual relationships have both the good and the bad. As consenting adults, we have to be responsible and aware enough to know which is which. If you feel like you don’t know exactly how to do so, then maybe the tips below will help.

Always Be In Control

The fundamental rule for getting comfortable with trying out a casual relationship is by knowing that you are in control. Casual relationships can be emotional but they start out as purely physical ones. You need to be comfortable with your sexuality and be aware of yourself as an individual. Remove the stigma of casual relationships in your mind and stop putting sex on a pedestal. It’s one of the most natural experiences in the world. So understand your core being and know that your life is controlled by only one entity, namely you.

Understand Your Intentions

Before entering into a casual sex relationship, think about what you want from the experience. Do you just want to be intimate with someone or do you want someone to fulfill all your kinky fantasies? Don’t assume that just because your partner is interested in casual sex, that they’ll be fine with just about anything. Know what you want and find like individuals based on that. Don’t just wing it. You may get lucky but you may get disappointed too.

Setting Limits

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to set some ground rules. This is extremely important because if you fail to set ground rules, you may end up on a path that you will ultimately regret. We all need a sense of control in our lives and it’s important that we set the rules. Will you be ok having sex the first day itself? Will you ever have casual sex with a married individual? Which kinky fantasies will you never try out? What about STD’s? Be cautious and set a good framework that you personally are comfortable with and stick to your convictions.

Be Open

Don’t stay in a bubble if you get into a casual relationship. Open up your mind for new experiences but do so with caution. Your partner might suggest a sexual act that you never thought about in your entire life. Don’t dismiss it right away. Think about it and ask yourself, would it be worth trying it out even if you don’t end up liking it? You might either hate it or absolutely love it. You never know until you try it out. This is not to say that you should dismiss common sense while making that decision. Just weigh the pros and cons in your mind and stick with your decision.

Be Cautious

Everything in this world inherently has both good and bad consequences. Sometimes the good occurs, whereas other times the opposite happens. Some people experience both whereas others go through one more than the other. Nothing in this world is definite or absolute. You have to use your own experiences and the wisdom of others while making any decision. Having sex with a stranger can be great because there is a sense of excitement in not knowing how good or great it will be. There is also a feeling of detachment where you know you can go in with zero expectations. Since your partner is a stranger, you can limit your encounter to a single time or choose to go out more depending on how your first experience was. At the same time, you might find yourself with a person who clearly isn’t what you thought they’d be. Maybe they don’t respect you as an individual enough. Always exercise caution and make sure you always have a way out. Don’t just walk in without a care in the world.

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The above points are not guaranteed tried and tested ideas that will ensure a great foray into casual relationships, but are things to think about. Reflecting on them will help you to decide whether you are up for a casual relationship with a stranger or not. The whole point of having a raunchy sexual encounter with someone is to have fun. Never lose sight of its purpose. If merely thinking about it gives you anxiety, then maybe you’re not ready for it. Maybe you need to think about it a little bit more. No matter what, always think for yourself and decide what you want in life. Look to others for guidance or wisdom but know that it is your life and your choices that matter to you.

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