How to Hook Up for the First Time?

How to Hookup

This is a very popular question that a lot of people have in our world. The mere idea of getting into a steamy sexual relationship with beautiful individuals is a very tantalizing one. Who doesn’t want to have someone to have sex with from time to time with no strings attached? Can you imagine the sheer amount of pleasure just waiting for you and all you need to do is make a call. Some know exactly what to do to get there but most are at the tipping point deciding whether to take the plunge or not. However, there are also those who have decided to take the plunge but don’t know how to take it forward. You must have read about it and talked to people who went through such experiences, but you still can’t help but feel anxious. If you are someone who has the same problems, read on.

1) Break the shackles of your mind

The first thing you need to do is to get out of your own head. You might be nervous or anxious, but always remember that a hook up is supposed to be fun. You owe it not only to yourself, but also to your partner. A hook up is when two individuals get to explore their sexuality to gain pleasure. Don’t think too much about it. Just get yourself excited and let your instincts take over.

2) Be calm in your mind

This doesn’t mean be calm while having sex. This is more about being calm in your mind. One way to do that while you are with someone is to just breathe with them. You will be surprised how effective it is. When two individuals are having sex, there will always be breathing patterns you can pick up on. When you synchronize your breathing with your partner’s, it not only calms your mind but it also brings both of you together.

3) Eye and body contact

A casual relationship or a hook up is all about being intimate with someone and enjoying your time with them. What better way is there to be intimate with someone than looking them in the eye and being playful? Look at your partner right in the eye and play around with their hair or touch them on their arms. Caress your partner and always just go with the flow. You can know about all the erogenous zones on the human body but it’s easy to tell when someone is just being technical and not natural. Let your instincts and the atmosphere guide you and you will have a great time.

4) Be strong but respectful

It’s ok to be a little aggressive if that’s what both of you enjoy, but make sure you know where the line is. Don’t automatically assume that your partner will be open to any and all sexual activities. Some might be open to it, but they want to get there on their own and don’t like to be forced. Always remember that your partner is a human being with expectations and fantasies. Before you have sex, you need to know what their fantasies are and what they dislike. It’s not all about you.

5) Don’t go in with any expectations

This is a difficult thing to do because all of us have expectations when it comes to experiences. A casual relationship or a hook up breeds an atmosphere of satisfaction, non-judgment and pure pleasure. In such an environment, it’s easy to fall for someone. You might think they are perfect for you but understand that you only know your partner in that specific environment. The reality is what makes a normal relationship more difficult where there are many more involved. From financial, emotional, physical to social factors, all of them play a role in normal long term relationships. Casual relationships or hook ups don’t necessarily put people in such scenarios.

6) Be honest

Always be honest to yourself and your partner before, during and after your hook up. There is no need to lie or be dishonest because a hook up is supposed to be a time when you can be free. If you don’t like what your partner is doing to you, let them know. They surely wouldn’t want you to go through something you don’t enjoy. You can be open to new experiences or sexual positions but you can also tell them if you don’t enjoy them. Your partner would appreciate it more if you are honest with them.

7) Don’t worry about texting and calling norms

Don’t be like high school or college kids and worry about why he/she isn’t texting or calling enough. A hook up is supposed to be different from a normal relationship. There aren’t any strings attached. If your partner calls you only before having sex, don’t feel bad about it. After all, you did get into it knowing pretty well what it entails. It’s supposed to be casual and you need to be ok with it.

8) Everybody hurts

If you ever fall in love with your hook up partner and decide to tell them, know that you may get hurt in the end. You might have a happy ending of course, but be prepared to take a bit of failure too. It’s not the end of the world. You both just aren’t at the same place in your life. It might change later but it just won’t today. Pick yourself up and keep your head high with all the wonderful experiences you had.

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