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  • Easy to sign up
  • Interface is awesome
  • Affordable membership


  • Doesn't have matching algorithm
  • The quality of members is low
  • Company profiles are deceptive

Fuckbook is one of many online sex dating sites that allow people to search for partners from the comfort of their own home. Doing anything online comes with its perks and its own issues. It would be wise to first see what the general consensus is, before spending any of your hard earned money. In this review, we will be taking an honest look into Fuckbook.com to see if it’s as good as they claim it to be. Once you have read about our perspective, it is up to you to decide whether to go for it or not. Like anything else, it probably won’t be black and white. It might work for some users and appear as a scam to others. In this review, we will be discussing the various features and overall customer opinion about the website.


Fuckbook is one of the most well-known sex dating websites in today’s market. Featuring a sleek, aesthetic look, this website promises to help individuals find likeminded people for some good old fashioned sex. But things may not be as they seem, as there are hundreds of terrible sex dating sites on the market. Is Fuckbook.com just another scam made to capitalize on the horniness of men, or is it actually a decent place to find suitable partners? Read on to find more.

First Impression

fuckbook screenshot 1

Once you visit the site, you will see that it has a clean and sleek looking interface. It certainly doesn’t look like a professional website unlike a lot of its competitors.. You can access the site for free by just singing up with your email, age, sex and desired username, password etc. This entire process takes only a few seconds and you can start exploring the site immediately.

How to Use

One great thing about this site is that it is very friendly user interface. You know exactly what is where and don’t need to waste time getting to know it before using it. The various options you have in the interface are:

Menu – Situated on the top left of the page, you can click on it to access several options such as feed, search, matches, live cams, messages, friend requests, who viewed you, your profile etc.

Notifications – Right next to the menu button is the “notifications” button where you can see the most recent activities on your profile.

Search – Right after the notifications button, you’ll see the “search” button. Here, you can search for potential partners by selecting the gender you are looking for, their ethnicity and proximity to your location. Apart from location, you can also search by recently online or recently joined members. If you feel like you need to refine your search, just click on the “more options” button to the right side of the screen. Here, you can look for members, recently uploaded photos, blogs, pin-boards and cam shows. It is important to note that the search functionality isn’t as refined as some of the other sites. It has good parameters but the algorithm involved isn’t as effective as you would want it to be.

Matches – This option provides you with a series of member profiles that have preferences matching with yours. This doesn’t guarantee flawless matches all the time, as most of the time it’s just random profiles. Even if you haven’t filled any specific preferences, you will still see lots of matches here. It’s kind of disappointing to see a generic feature like this. It really would have been nice to have a few additional functionalities attached to it for it to be more convenient to find potential members.

So you do have some good parameters on this site to search for potential partners and navigating through the different pages is easy and smooth. Once you see a profile you like, you can click on their avatar to visit them. Then you can add them as a friend, start chatting, send gifts or pin profile to your pin-board to get access to it more easily. You can create numerous pin-boards and assign different potential partner profiles to them. This pretty much acts as a bookmark function so you can go back to them whenever you want.

Just remember that this isn’t a fetish site, so you can’t search for partners who share similar fetishes. This website is more for the vanilla hook up types.


fuckbook screenshot 4

Icebreaker – The icebreaker is a unique feature in Fuckbook which you can use to automatically get in touch with profiles that match your preferences without you manually doing it. It’s designed to be a virtual assistant of sorts. So if you’re a little shy to approach members online, this feature may be for you. But don’t over use it because most people would rather prefer to hear something from you rather than an automated message. But nonetheless, it’s a good feature to have.

Cam Feature – You can utilize the cam feature to communicate or post videos about you, on your cam. If you are a free member, you will have access to cams, but paid members will get some exclusive privileges like watching full nude cam shows.

Blogs – Users can maintain blogs of their various sexual escapades and their desires. This is a great way for you to read about other people’s experiences and get to know them a little more. Contacting a member after reading their blog is a far better way to reach out to others, than using the search functionality on this website.

Profile Authenticity

Whenever you go on a hook up, fetish or casual sex website, you need to understand that not all of the profiles are real ones. Almost all such websites uses bots to retain the attention of its users. However, one good thing about Fuckbook is that it doesn’t shamelessly try to fool you like a lot of other websites. Any company created profiles will be marked with a “C”, which tells you that there isn’t a real person behind it. Most of these bots are just used to send automated messages for upgrading or buying premium membership.

Safety and Security

Although Fuckbook claims to ensure the protection of your personal data, you need to know that there are exemptions. Like most sites, they will retain certain bits of information about you such as your browsing habits, browser application etc. To really go through their safety and security policies, read through their user agreement.


fuckbook screenshot 3

Free Membership – You can explore the various features of Fuckbook by just registering. If you like what you see, you can go for the premium packages shown below.

  • 1 Month Package – The 1 month membership costs $29.95
  • 3 Month Package – The 3 month membership costs $44.85

Paid members get exclusive features such as

  • Unlimited messages and gifts
  • Premium badge and karma boost
  • Better advanced search and filter options
  • Zero Ads


If you are looking for a partner to have normal and laid back casual sex, then Fuckbook may be for you. However, it won’t be as easy as you think. While there are genuine profiles, you will come across many fake ones. We can’t say for sure if they are company generated or just non active profiles, but the chances of getting any reply from them is close to zero. So to maximize chances of getting real replies or messages, make sure that you provide as many details as you can about your preferences. Though this is a sex dating website, treat everyone with proper respect while being as naughty as you want. All in all, it certainly isn’t as bad as some of the other sites but there honestly isn’t much to harp about either.


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