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Adult Friend Finder

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  • Reputable website with extremely large user base
  • Various of search, discovery, communication, and cyber sex options
  • Not only for dating, but an online community for cam, vedio sex


  • The ratio of male to female isn't confirmed
  • No data-driven matching system
  • The design of site is out-dated

If you have ever searched for a sex dating site, then you probably have heard about Adult Friend Finder. It is one of the most popular online sex dating sites out there today and has pretty much dominated the space in the last few decades or so. The website was first launched in 1996 as a hook up site and since then has amassed a huge following of loyal members. Dozens of new sex dating sites have launched between now and then but Adult Friend Finder has managed to hold out on its own and rule this space.


Adult Friend Finder is a sex dating website that provides an unfiltered sexual paradise for individuals looking to get it on. It has all the features you need from a sex dating website such as a comprehensive search option, video cameras, adult chat rooms etc. But, what is it that makes it different from other similar sites out there? has all the basic features we see in such sites and takes them to a whole new level, so that the user has a more detailed and fluid experience. It mixes elements of social media sites and sex dating sites to give the user a refreshing platform to find other horny individuals. It even hosts a sex academy where you can get tips about sex, sexual acts, positions etc. Moreover, a points system is utilized which allows the user to get more engaged in their time spent at the site. While all these sound great on paper, do they actually translate well onto a user’s experience? We are here to find just that.

First Impression

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The site looks very professional and has a clean cut design. It looks and feels like a serious site which is not bad, but it doesn’t really stimulate your senses like some of the others. There are strips of nude photos right in your face but it looks too organized and arranged that it takes the fun out of it. However, as far as the interface is concerned, this site has an excellent design. Everything you need is right there in front of you and it’s extremely simple to navigate through this site. The only thing we found lacking was the overall visual look and feel of the website. It just isn’t as interesting as some of the others.

How to Use

You need to create an account before you can start browsing this site. You will have to give your preferred id name, email, create a password, pick your gender and gender preference. Then, you are a single click away from experiencing one of the best sex dating web sites online today. has a plethora of options to keep you engaged. Here are some of them.

My Stuff – This one is a doozy. It has about 26 options that drop down allowing you to modify or view every single aspect of your profile ranging from editing it, adding photos, videos, making blogs, marking favorite pictures, hotlist to gifts, flirts and friends. Anything that has to do with tracking or editing your profile is right here.

Search – The search option has a few drop down categories such as “who’s online”, “new matches”, “members near me”, “VIP members”, “Hot or Not”, “Advanced Search”, “Kink Search” etc. All these options allow you to quickly search for any specific preferences you may have.

Live Action – This is where you get to access the live camera section of the website. You can choose from live models, live member cameras, top streamers, adult chat rooms and IM to browse through your favorite content.

Community – This is a unique feature of AdultFriendFinder where you get to browse through other member’s blogs and access groups, magazines, contests, erotic stories etc. It helps not only to connect with other members, but binds the community altogether. This is probably one of the main reasons why AdultFriendFinder has such a loyal customer base.

What’s Hot – This feature allows you to see the hottest photos, videos, albums, members and movies at that particular time. It’s a good way to see which profiles are the most sought after and why. If you want better visibility for your own profile, you can maybe pick up a few points and use them to your advantage.


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Kink Search – This is one handy tool to have, especially if you want to find a partner that shares your interest in fetishes like bondage, latex wear, blindfolds, gang bangs etc. This feature has more than 30 categories and you can look for members that like the same fetishes as you do.

Hot or Not – This feature is a quick way of telling other members if you liked their picture or not. If you select “hot”, then that member will be added to your hotlist and you can visit their profile any time you like.

Blogs – This one is a very unique feature and an integral part of the website’s community. Adult Friend Finder has over 700,000 blogs and over 25,000,000 blog posts, which is insane. You can search for blogs by location or through forums, depending on what you are looking for. Not only that, but if you go to the main page of blogs, you will see the latest blogs being uploaded and follow them if you like the content. Unlike other sites, you can spend hours just reading about blogs and the various experiences other members share through them.

Magazine – The magazine feature allows you to create articles and share them with other members. This is also a fantastic tool to get yourself known in the community. If you create great content, more and more people will come and visit your profile, thus increasing your chances of getting laid. These articles aren’t all about sex, and you can write about various topics ranging from relationships, erotic stories, fitness, health, jokes, rants, swinging etc.

Sex Academy – Another unique feature to this website is the sex academy where you can enroll yourself in a wide variety of courses pertaining to sex. From sex positions, anal sex, oral sex to foreplay techniques and kinks, you can select the course you like and learn about a new experience. These courses are paid. However, they provide good content that will actually be useful later on in life. Who doesn’t want to know how to properly pleasure their partner multiple times in a day?
Profile Authenticity

Out of all the sex dating websites, this one has the most number of authentic member profiles. The reason for this is that AdultFriendFinder chose to build a community rather than a semi porn site with bots. The strong community they built keeps the active user rates high and entices people to come back and interact with others. If you really want to get laid, this website is the best shot you’ve got.

Safety and Security has a secure server set with a server certification. Any and all transactions are firmly secure under 256 bit encrypted secure sockets. On top of all that, the company has a data center in Santa Clara, California where they store all the information safely with the latest online security measures. This website is easily one of the safest sex dating sites out there today.


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Free Membership – You can explore limited features of the website without paying, but to get the full experience, you need to get a paid membership.

Paid Membership – Going for a paid membership will definitely help you find someone way easier than as a free member. Getting a paid gold membership will give you numerous perks such as messaging other members, access to private videos and pictures, better visibility, unlimited live cam sessions, instant messages and group chats.

  • 1 Month Gold membership for $40.00
  • 3 Months Gold membership for $81.00 ($27 per month)
  • 12 Months Gold membership for $240.00 ($20 per month)


Hands down, Adult Friend Finder is the best sex dating website available today. From an incredibly active user base to amazing, engaging features, the site allows you to not only search for like-minded individuals but also be a part of a greater community. Some locations may not have an abundance of active users but overall, most of the members you see are real and active. A great way to find real members is to head over to the blogs, magazines and sex academy section and look at the activity there. The only flaw we can say about is that its visual look and feel could have been a little better. Except for that, this website is pretty much flawless. Definitely would recommend it to others on the prowl for compatible sex partners.


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