8 Things You Most Likely Don’t Know about Adult Dating

Adult Hook Up Dating

There are many online dating apps today where you can enter into different forms of relationships with other members. Earlier, online dating apps were more oriented towards long-term relationships.

Committed or Casual?

A committed relationship is like a warm blanket. You feel cozy and comfortable. But a no strings attached relationship does have its attractions too. It’s like a roller coaster ride. You get a high for a short time and then you’re back to the ground. In the new hookup era, adult dating apps involve a more casual attitude towards sex without any emotional commitment.

Before entering into an adult relationship or a hookup relationship, check out these top tips and be prepared.

1. No Strings Attached

The most important aspect of dating in adult dating apps is non-commitment. Don’t bring in your emotions into the relationship. No one is on the lookout for love or a lasting relationship or shared hobbies and so on. It is more about having fun. So please don’t picture the happily ever after scenario in such relationships.

2. One-Night Stands

It may not even be a relationship at all. It could just be a one-night stand. You might be sleeping with each other on the day you meet and will probably never see each other again ever again.

You need to be alert to the signals sent by your partner. If you feel he/she is only in it for a one-night stand, don’t call him or her the next day. Don’t send her a bunch of roses or try any other romantic stuff. You would only be making a fool of yourself.

3. Keep it Casual

Be in the relationship and enjoy the moment. You and your partner are in it to satiate your sexual desires. There is no place for romance here. You might feel like saying the words ‘I love you’, but try to refrain from it. It could give the wrong signals and mean that you want to take the relationship from a casual one to a more committed or serious one.

4. Get In/Out Easily

You can get into or get out of these relationships very easily. You’re both not tied down to each other. You are only attracted to each other. You could always move on to fresher pastures if you’re fed up of each other or if the partner no longer excites you in any way.

5. Make your Intentions Clear

You both are adults and dating on an adult dating app. However, it is still safer to make your intentions clear right from the word go. Don’t get confused and don’t confuse your partner. Make it clear that the relationship is a casual one.

Set the rules early on in the relationship. Of course, there are no fixed rules in a hookup relationship, especially if it is a one-night stand. You don’t even have to say goodbye to each other in the morning. You could just slink off. It’s perfectly acceptable and there’s no need of feeling any guilt whatsoever.

6. Exclusive Dating

When entering a hookup-dating app like Lucky, you may need to find out whether the other partner is okay with you dating others as well simultaneously. That is to say, you need to know whether the relationship, albeit a temporary one, is exclusive or non exclusive.

7. Secret or Public?

You may also have to decide whether the hookup relationship is to be kept a secret or both of you don’t mind going public about your intentions. Asking such questions to each other and deciding on the rules of the relationship early on will lead to a better understanding of each other. You can enjoy the relationship a whole lot better if you clear such doubts right at the outset.

8. Don’t Get Trapped

When you enter into a hookup or casual relationship, be wary of getting trapped. If you find your partner becoming possessive about you or clinging on to you, remain alert. If you don’t like the clinging attitude, make a clean break of it.

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Hookup relationships are rather delicate and you need to keep the rules of casual relationships. Otherwise, one or the other partner could end up getting hurt. Following the above tips could mean the difference between having an enjoyable time and getting into a messy relationship.

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