5 Tips for Hooking Up with a Younger Man

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Over the past decade or so, there was a huge shift in the way society perceives romantic and sexual relationships. For men, dating younger women has always been considered completely normal, even praised by the majority of people. On the other hand, women’s options were somewhat limited, as dating younger men hasn’t always been very socially acceptable.

Fortunately, living the cougar life has become quite normal. Why shouldn’t it be? Everyone has the right to hook up or date anyone they want. When you feel an instant connection with someone, age should really be just a number. And you shouldn’t care about what anyone thinks, because your life is your own and you deserve to live it any way you want.

So, what can hooking up with a younger man bring? A lot of fun, that’s for sure. A lot of positive energy and excitement that not many seasoned men can bring to the table. But, how you can you really make things work when you find yourself a cub you’d like to hook up with? Here are the most essential tips you should follow.

First, Leave the Possibility Open

If you really want to hook up with a younger man, you should be truly open to that possibility. That’s the only way you will actually attract younger guys. What you think about and what you feel is what you attract.

It’s quite similar to the main philosophy of the Law of Attraction, which is the belief that thinking positively will bring you positive experiences. Use that philosophy to open your mind to the possibility of being with younger men, because all of your thoughts and desires will eventually turn into a reality.

You need to create that mental desire in order to be able to respond when an opportunity presents itself. Create that vibe and carry it always. When you start doing it, you will actually emit that vibe, and men can feel it.

You don’t have to change who you are, how you dress, or where you like to hang out. Simply be yourself and leave open the possibility of hooking up with someone younger than you. Trust me, it works like magic.

Expect the Unexpected

In this day and age, a lot of older men still see women as trophies, as accessories that they like showing their friends. Many of them don’t see women as equals, and they are rarely comfortable with their power.

On the other hand, their younger counterparts are completely different. They grew up in a world where women are appreciated, seen as equals, where working moms are seen as powerful women that can do literally anything they set their minds to, and they admire and respect them incredibly.

You may not be used to that, but you should definitely expect your younger man to be more than comfortable with your female power. He will actually love it, because he will be unbelievably self-aware, looking at the world with a completely different perspective.

You should be ready for exciting adventures, spontaneity, emotional maturity and complete honesty, without all those mind games that older men are used to play. Get ready to be pushed outside your comfort zone – in a very good way. Get ready for the unexpected, because that’s exactly what you’ll get.

And that’s fantastic. That’s refreshing on so many levels. But, you’ll need to be real, even when it’s just hooking up, precisely because of the lack of games. Honesty will lead to a much more fulfilled experience that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Be Open to a Completely Different Worldview

Because of everything mentioned just now, you will start growing as a person. You will see life through new lenses, with new eyes that are open to any possibility. A younger man that you hook up with may be completely different from you. He may listen to different types of music and do a lot of things differently than what you’re used to.

And that’s great because being with him will force you to be more open-minded and see the world through his eyes. You may learn a bunch of new incredible stuff and even realize that you should let go of some of your ways.

He may be very similar to you, but you can be sure that the differences between you are what will genuinely excite you. And excitement is the first thing to expect when hooking up with a younger guy, so be ready for it, and brace yourself for a lot of fun.

If you’re not ready to be freer and more open, it will reflect on the guy and you may not hook up at all. Being open to the world of all those new possibilities is exactly what will help you become attractive to younger men and have plenty of them lining up to meet you.

Don’t Expect to Always Be in Control

Living the cougar life doesn’t mean that you need to really play the role of a cougar hunting for its easy prey. There are men who like women who are in control, but it doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. As a matter of fact, many younger men are way more enlightened than you may think.

Don’t expect your guy to be an easy prey. Don’t treat him like a toy just because he’s younger. Remember what we discussed about equality? He will respect your power, but you need to respect his as well. Just like you should be yourself, you need to let him be himself.

If he likes you being in control, go for it. But, if he doesn’t, don’t be a stereotypical cougar. You’re better than that. Create a connection that spurs an outstanding experience and ignites the fire between the two of you, instead of limiting your vision and trying to mold your guy into a version of an older man from your past.

Don’t Assume That You’re More Experienced

You may be older than the guy you’re hooking up with, but that definitely doesn’t mean that you are more experienced. Most of the younger men are actually very sexually experienced, simply because the world they grew up in is a lot more open to sexual possibilities than it ever was before.

Today’s younger men have been sexually active since their teen years, which means that you may find a guy who has perhaps even had more sex than you. It’s possible! Also, with younger generations, there’s no such thing as taboo, so you may even learn plenty of new things from your cub. He’ll definitely have quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

What it means to really live the cougar life is living your life to the fullest. Not caring about what anyone may think and getting exactly what you want. It means hooking up with a young and vibrant man who will make sure that every single moment you spend together is absolutely full of excitement, fun, and laughter. It means more energy, no emotional baggage, no drama, more adventures, and better sex.

In the end, you never know – a casual fling may turn into something real. Why the hell not?

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